2 de junio de 2008

One Laptop per Child

En mi clase de inglés tuve que hacer un comentario sobre un video de You Tube. Aquí se los dejo, puesto que el tema me parece interesante.

Technology is not polite, it doesn’t say “Please”, as Juan Enriquez said.

Kids and technology have been a good match and will be it for long, especially because they don’t have fear of trying, asking and using things.

Opportunity is all what the children ask, and in poor but future oriented countries the entire village cooperates with their scarce resources to help them to develop certain skills that will be useful in the future.

Now, a new initiative is closing the gap between poor children and technology, giving them the opportunity to enter to the modern world. The project “One Laptop per Child” created laptops affordable even for poor countries and also made possible the donation of several laptops as a result of the two-weeks “Give 1, get 1” Campaign.

The laptops are completely sealed, water proof, dust proof, drop proof and with a battery that will let you read for 24 hours. Also, they include a solar panel for recharging batteries.

They are light, cheap, easy to handle, with camera and microphone, and a really cool design. They can connect easily to internet and to more laptops and create an instant, self configuring network with the surrounding laptops. They can reveal the source code of every program and let you modify it. And even more, they are so simple to use than even a child can repair them, as I could see in another video.

This initiative shows how we must do things: simple, cheap, useful and cool. But the most important thing: designed to help the humankind.

Now, we just need to keep in mind that our kids will be in possession of technology and their own means to find what they need. They won’t need us to find something on the internet, and our word, never will be unquestionable again. We need to understand that Shift happens.

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